Reiki involves laying on of hands and channeling energy into the body, and around the body in the aura, to clear the blocks in our organs and energy centres, or chakras. Unresolved emotions, traumas, and/or unhealthy mental patterns taken on in childhood are often at the root of our current physical and emotional challenges. These traumatic experiences leave imprints in our cellular memory, and affect the ability of the body to function properly. Very often these issues can go back to patterns that our soul came in with at birth, seeking resolution in this lifetime. In order for healing to be effective, we need to address it on all levels of our being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

I focus on the chakras or energy centres specifically. There are 7 main chakras, each of them governing different physical and psychological functions. For example, the root centre, which is at the perineum, governs our immune systems, bones, joints, and issues around safety, security and survival. If it is not functioning properly, then we could have an immune related disorder, chronic lower back pain, and/or depression. The solar plexus centre governs the liver, stomach, kidneys, adrenals, and digestion, and also issues around trust, self worth and personal power. Imbalances in this centre could show up as colon/intestinal problems, liver dysfunction, and/or feelings of fear and intimidation. The heart centre governs the heart, circulatory system, ribs/breasts, and lungs, and issues around our ability to give and receive love. Imbalances here could manifest as breast cancer, asthma, and high blood pressure, and/or feelings of resentment, grief, loneliness or anxiety.

Fortunately, working energetically can remove and transmute the traumatic imprints we carry. The body will pull my hands to the problem areas, and then my job is to get myself out of the way so that healing energy can flow through me. This experience is deeply relaxing for both the client and myself. Most people enter into a semi sleep state, and report afterwards that whatever pains or issues they were experiencing before have lifted, and they feel lighter emotionally. All healing comes from within, and ultimately the real healer is God, our Creator, Source, Love, Light or whatever term you feel comfortable with.

I have been trained in multiple methods of energy healing modalities including Reiki, The Bengston Energy Healing Method, Bioenergy Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Spiritual Healing, Shamanic Healing, and Quantum Touch. I draw upon these different approaches, while remaining open to Higher guidance about how I need to work with each person I see.

All energy healing modalities work on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels simultaneously, however there are some differences between different modalities. I recommend Reiki if you are looking for an overall relaxing energy healing session to deal primarily with stress, anxiety, depression, and any physical imbalances that show up as a result. If you are dealing with a particular disease or condition, Bioenergy Therapy would be more suitable, as it is designed to target specific conditions.

I can incorporate doTerra essential oils and flower essences if desired.

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