Angel Card Readings

The voice of God is always speaking to us through our feelings, but sometimes it’s hard to hear this still small voice within because the voice of the ego, which sounds like mind chatter, fears, judgements, etc. can be very loud and drown it out. Our Creator loves us and wants us to be happy, and so when we listen and follow Divine guidance we make the best decisions. Sometimes we know we need to make certain changes in our lives, but we feel intimidated to take action because we don’t believe in ourselves, so we subconsciously block that inner wise voice and listen to our egos instead. When we listen to our doubts and fears we always end up with less favourable results, but in the end these are just learning experiences to help us grow.

One tool that has helped me navigate situations in my life and tap into Divine guidance is using Angel cards. I have been reading Angel cards for the past 25 years or so for myself and my friends, and am certified as an Angel Card Reader from Doreen Virtue. The cards have no power in of of themselves – they are merely a tool to pray and communicate with the Divine. The messages that come through are comforting, and confirm what we already know to be true inside, but we may need additional validation and encouragement to follow through. Angel card readings differ from fortune telling in that the focus is not on reading your future, but on connecting with your invisible support team and empowering you to trust your own inner guidance.

Receiving an Angel card reading can help you discern and clarify what your next steps are with your relationships, career, health, personal growth and spiritual path.

Readings can be done in person or over the phone.

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